Our farm fresh eggs


Happy hens make for delicious eggs. It’s true! All of our chickens are well cared for and loved. Some may even say they’re spoiled. Because we raise a variety of breeds, the eggs come in a variety of colors ranging from cream, brown, speckled and blue-green. (Yes, blue-green. Yes, the hens naturally lay that color. No, we do not dye them and yes, they taste the same as the other colored eggs! Because the hens live happy lives eating natural foods, the eggs are naturally superior in consistency and taste compared to store bought eggs. They’re antibiotic and hormone free; high in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D & E.

For more information on farm fresh, pasture fed eggs check out this great Chicken and the Egg article from Mother Earth News.

A sample dozen of our farm fresh eggs

A sample dozen of our farm fresh eggs

A gift from our Easter Egger hen

Egg from our Easter Egger hen.

One of our Buff Orpingtons in the nesting box.

Buff Orpington in the nesting box.


We are currently selling eggs to private customers but are looking to expand our flock in the spring so that we can sell more eggs in the future. If you are interested in our eggs, please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch with you!

Current egg prices: 

$4/dozen or $3.50 if you provide your own carton/return your carton. 


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