Our chickens


We’re currently raising two separate flocks; a mixed flock and a Marans flock. They have a spacious coop with indoor and outdoor nesting boxes and plenty of roosting area. During the day, they explore their large chicken run, scratch, take dust baths and forage for green grasses, bugs and worms found in the yard. We feed our hens a quality mixture of chicken feed, scraps from the garden (their favorites are pumpkin, cucumbers and fresh berries) and hen scratch. They’re provided with plenty of clean water daily that is collected from our rain harvester. We’re looking to expand our flocks in 2013 with more marans, turkeys, ducks and adding some more chickens to our mixed flock.  Not only will we be able to produce more eggs for consumption, but we’ll also be able to hatch our own chicks to create a self-sustaining flock! Here are some photos of our beautiful mixed flock:

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Our Marans are a combination of Blue, Black and Black Copper bred to the French standard. They come from Bev Davis and Wade Jean bloodlines. We’ve just started our Marans flock and are really excited to build a beautiful flock of quality birds:

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3 thoughts on “Our chickens

  1. Dana says:

    I was curious if you know anyone around the St.Louis area who is selling French Copper Marans? Thank you, Dana

    • It depends on the quality of stock that you want. Sure, you could probably find some on craigslist or at local small animal swaps (the one in Waterloo, IL is great). But if you’re looking for show quality birds, I’d suggest looking up some reputable breeders in the internet and have them shipped to you. Rock Ridge in the Ozarks has some great high quality birds. But like I said, it all depends on what you’re looking for. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for! We’d love to help you out but we just got started with our flock this year!

  2. Dana in St.Louis says:

    Thank you….I don’t show my birds, but I would like a nice flock and I’ll definitely check into Rock Ridge and see what they have to offer. Thanks again, Dana

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