Welcome to the farm!


December 1, 2012 by suchandsuchfarm

Welcome to Such and Such Farm! Allow us to introduce ourselves and give you a look around the place. My boyfriend, Dave, and I dreamt of living a life in the country, creating art, growing our own food and becoming self-suficient as much as possible. In July 2011, we moved to our 88 acre farm in Jefferson County, about an hour south of St. Louis. The farm includes hay fields, surrounding wooded areas, fresh water springs that feed into a creek (complete with swimmin’ hole),  a stocked man-made catfish pond, plenty of out buildings (including the barn, metal shop and wood shop) and a cute farm house. Now that you have the basic idea, let me introduce you to everyone on the farm…

Dave grew up in St. Louis then went to study Industrial Design at Pratt in Brooklyn, NY. There, he harnessed his welding skills and constructed up-cycled furniture from scrap metal and 55 gallon drums. After he left Brooklyn, he moved back to St. Louis where he became part of the crew that builds the City Museum, the Cassilly Crew.

I (Autumn) grew up in Collinsville, IL (which happens to be the horseradish capital of the world) then moved to Indianapolis and studied Arts Administration at Butler University. At Butler I studied theater, costume design, non-profit organizations and visual art. After living and working in Indianapolis for a while, I decided to move to downtown St. Louis. That’s when I met Dave, we started dating and later got our awesome dog, Cadillac.

Our friends Nathan and his wife, Nicole (Nemo and Tucker) also live on the farm with us. Nathan is a skilled carpenter, all around handyman and painter. Recently, he has been making badass cigar box guitars. His wife, Nicole is an experienced landscaper and gardner.

A few months after we moved to the farm, Dave’s longtime friend, Zach, joined us as our farmhand. Zach has traveled around the country working on organic farms and has also taught ESL in China. Zach is able to bring a lot of the table in terms of organic gardening practices and know-how.

In the first year at the farm we’ve installed a wood boiler, remodeled a portion of the house, built a greenhouse and a 7,500 sq ft vegetable garden, made a home for 17 chickens and are now starting our own business of selling naturally grown produce, farm fresh eggs, Autumn’s canned goods, Dave’s furniture and Nemo’s guitars. We hope that with this blog, our customers can get to know us and we can get to know them. We hope that this will be a great source of information/instructables on sustainability, gardening, cooking and the wonders of farm life.

Cadillac dog

Cadillac dog

View from back porch

View from back porch

Swimmin Hole

The front yard

The front yard


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the farm!

  1. micahlmartin says:

    Sounds pretty awesome! Gotta get some pics of those guitars posted. I might want one.

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